The research can’t be ignored… a diet filled with nuts can protect your health, especially as you age. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), many seniors are taking that advice to heart; seniors ages 60+ eat more nuts than any other age group.

Transportation in the New York City metro area can be a challenge for any one…let alone for seniors. Even with all the public options senior transportation can be difficult depending on location, the cost involved, etc. Steps In Home Care tries to alleviate as much of the day-to-day problems our clients face, and one of the biggest issues we have tackled for many of our clients and employees is transportation.

Aging-in-place is place is quickly becoming the primary choice for seniors. The bathroom is the first place that needs to be addressed, because falls in the bathroom are a major issue. There are a lot of hard surfaces in the bathroom on which to injure yourself, and the surfaces can be wet and slippery.

A lot of our initial conversations with potential clients revolve around how to pay for our services. Just about anyone, who isn’t in the home care industry or hasn’t implemented care for a parent, finds it hard to understand how Medicare and Medicaid factor into the process.

Steps In Home Care was recommended to me after a difficult period using a different agency for home health aides to care for my ailing father. Our family was at a point where we were considering the need to move him to a facility, because the home aides we had been using could not care for him properly.


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