Debbie has worked collaboratively with STEPS Home Care with several of her clients.



As an Elder Care Consultant, Debbie regularly refers her clients for home care in Westchester, Riverdale, and Manhattan. She always presents several options for the family to consider. When families compare services, they focus on price, Long Term Care insurance management, and most importantly, the comfort level the family has with the people they deal with on a regular basis.


STEPS’ Solution


Debbie was introduced to STEPS Home Care in 2015 by referral. She was collaborating on a case with an Elder Care Attorney, who suggested she get in touch with Shan at STEPS. Based on the success of that first case, she has since referred them to her clients and fellow colleagues, because they are consistently reliable, pleasant to work with, efficient, and flexible.

STEPS Results


According to Debbie, STEPS’ management has been very hands-on and responsive. They take great effort to assure that the Caregiver and patient are matched appropriately. Shan Wade and Jen Baukol, the owners, will come to the client’s home as often as it takes to make sure the care meets their high standards. Even in difficult cases, where the family dynamics are highly charged and strained, they demonstrate the patience to insure everyone’s needs are taken into account.


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