The STEPS hiring philosophy is simple. We find Caregivers that have Passion, Experience, and Personality. Then we ask ourselves, “Are they the ‘Right Fit’”?


Do they possess the same passion to help families that we do?


Do they have 2+ years of previous experience? Do they have experience with specific illnesses?


Do they have the personality and social skills to succeed within your household dynamic?



  • Multi-step interview process
  • Minimum of 2 years of home care experience
  • Minimum of 2 reference checks
  • Fingerprint background check
  • Drug Screening
  • 3-year DMV driving record check
  • Certification verification


  • 3 hour mandatory Annual Orientation
  • 3 hours of Alzheimer’s/Dementia training
  • 6 hours of various patient care issues


  • Orientated to a patient’s Plan of Care before starting a case.
  • Supervised by our Director of Patient Services via regular visits.
  • Managed on a daily basis by our Care Coordination team.
  • Given quarterly training and annual performance reviews.


In order to discover the best Caregivers we set ourselves apart from our competitors by maintaining higher expectations and offering better benefits.

  • We pay industry-leading rates, which provides a more consistent workforce.


  • We specialize in Caregivers who drive. Therefore, Caregivers are not dependent on public transportation, which increases punctuality.


  • Our Caregivers are fluent in English, and have the communications skills required for working with the elderly and hard-of-hearing.


  • All our Caregivers are Direct W-2 employees. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about being financially responsible for:
    • Withholding Federal and State Taxes
    • Unemployment Insurance
    • Workers Compensation Insurance

“I had to quickly find a Home Health Care Aide to care for my 92-year old, wheelchair-bound mother who would be returning from a stay at the local nursing home. I came upon the STEPS Home Care website and contacted them by e-mail. I immediately received a phone call from the agency and was told that they could assist me in any way possible. I found both Barbara and Shan to be very professional, informative and well prepared. They showed empathy and understanding and asked very astute questions pertaining to my mother’s health, personality and overall demeanor.

Our Caregiver provided by STEPS Home Care was well trained and immediately became a part of our family thanks to her warm, congenial personality. She had a “take charge” attitude, which was a blessing to me. I never worried while our Aide was with my mother and I was at work. I knew she was safe and well cared for. The services provided by STEPS Home Care were perfect for my family’s needs. For the most part my assigned Caregiver was very dependable. Emergency backup was provided if something happened and our Aide could not make it. I would highly recommend this agency for anyone who is looking for a Caregiver for your loved one.”

– Marie K.


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