Assistance with insulin management and Activities of Daily Living.



Louis’ family needs care 12 hours per day and 7 days a week for their father.  Care consists of Skilled Nursing (LPN) in the morning for medication and diabetes management, and assistance with Activities of Daily Living by a HHA in the afternoon. He also needs help with ambulation, since they live in a split level home with several sets of stairs. Their mother, who still drives and cooks, appreciates that having an Aide there to help with her husband gives her the freedom she needs to go about her day while being assured her husband is well taken care of. The family wants the Caregiver to accompany them to the Hamptons on the weekends in the summer. Also, since the parents are ‘Snowbirds’ and live in Florida for part of the year, they require care in Florida for several months.


STEPS’ Solution


After being disappointed with the agency they were using, one son, who is a physician, took on the role of locating another home health care resource. He found STEPS online and spoke to the President, Shan Wade. Shan was at the home with a RN the next day for an Assessment.  Two days later, several good Caregivers were in place.


The bonus to the Brusco family in selecting STEPS Home Care is the fact that while the parents are in Florida for several months each winter, STEPS’ sister office in Palm Beach seamlessly takes over. Not only did they supply the initial services requested, but after the mother broke her back in Florida, STEPS immediately upgraded the parents to the now needed 24-hour Live In coverage.

STEPS Results


The main contact, their daughter Maria, says the family like that STEPS really understands the challenges the family must face, including: how hard it is to manage their aging parents’ issues and the expense involved. She believes STEPS keeps the family’s feelings top of mind. They also feel that STEPS’ management have gone above and beyond to be accommodating and conscientious. When a Caregiver wasn’t a perfect fit, they found someone else who was. In addition, she believes they really came through by being able to bring back most of the same Caregiver team they had in place in the Fall, once her parents returned from Florida in the the Spring. And of course, it was convenient we were able to take care of them in Florida as well.


Maria feels the aides treat her parents with kindness, the nurses know their stuff, and STEPS provides her family with peace of mind. The seamless coverage from NY to Florida to The Hamptons works perfectly for them. Dealing with STEPS has been a fantastic experience that gives her a great sense of security. Maria can go about her day and sleep at night knowing that a qualified person is there to help her parents.


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