We accept private payment, Long Term Care Insurance, Disability, Workers Compensation, and some managed care programs.

Payment Process

Every 2 weeks, we will mail and/or email you an invoice for services rendered. We can work with you to determine the best way for you to pay for your home care services. We can also coordinate a combination of Hospice, Medicare, and private pay if necessary.

Private Payment

Most of our clients or their families pay us directly. We accept: check, credit card, automatic withdrawal (ACH), PayPal, etc. We can set up partial payments for multiple family members. Also, we can work closely with money managers, trustees, elder care attorneys, guardians, and other client representatives.

Long Term Care Insurance

We work directly with all Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance companies and bill them directly, for your convenience.  STEPS will handle all aspects of documentation submission and payment reimbursement to save you the time and trouble.

Disability & Workers Compensation

STEPS Home Care will coordinate with these insurances regarding documentation submission, benefit verification, and payment.  Just as with other methods of payment, we can work with your money manager, trustee, attorney, guardian, etc.

“My father had a massive stroke that has left him completely paralyzed on his right side with no speech capabilities. After months in hospitals and rehab centers, we decided that home care would be best for him.

STEPS Home Care has been able to provide quality care for my dad. Best of all, they are fully responsible for the health care provider. They do all the background checks. The Aides are the employees of STEPS, therefore eliminating all paperwork for us. If an Aide calls in sick, they immediately send a replacement. We have been very happy with STEPS Home Care.”

– Holly D.


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